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Please Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Yes, this is old news. You most likely have had your fill of news about Hurricane Harvey. The residents have had their fill of it too yet they are still there and they still need help and they will for a long time. Our compassion meter is on overload from all the tragedy from all sorts of trials mankind has been suffering lately. When you are the one on standing (swimming) in 51 inches of water with no home to return to and no job to go to, one hopes for an overflow of compassion from others to help.

So many have stepped up and an outpouring of assistance has been sent down to South Texas. It has been wonderful to see the compassion of others and the incredible help. They still need more help.

I have a dear friend who is in the thick of it. His overwhelming compassion for others never ceases. His home is on the edge of the homes destroyed by this flood so he has opened his home to others so they do not have to stay in the shelters. This area of North Houston received 51 inches of rain. That is more rain than I can even envision.

They tirelessly work during the day on disaster relief. At night they share a crowded space. They went several days without electricity and they are sharing what food they had. Now they have rashes from the flood waters. This sounds like such a minor nuisance but think it out for a moment. A minor fungal rash that cannot be treated immediately and correctly turns into an infection. That infection is just one of their many concerns and adds to the overwhelming obstacles to getting them to dry and safe surroundings. I cannot imagine all of the obstacles they must be facing as I sit in my dry home with food to eat and electricity to cool me.

Anyone who would like to help this man as he helps many others can contact me to make the connection. Assistance will be needed for months to come while housing is obtained for these people and they can get back to their jobs to support themselves.

Anyone who would like to donate money to help with this disaster please donate to a reliable and safe nonprofit who actually gets the donations to the victims and in a timely manner. Texas Baptist Men is a reliable source to donate to. Texas Baptist Men is a 501-C3 non-profit organization who is on the front lines serving. Their organization has been involved in Disaster Relief in Texas and around the world since 1967.

Please donate to Texas Baptist Men or contact me to help this incredible man in Houston who has stepped up and will be helping himself and many others during this difficult time.

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC

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