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Getting Started, Story of Personal Chronic Illness Journey

Some of my best days while being chronically ill have been the days I hear your stories about your illness and the amazing stories you have shared. You asked for me to be more vulnerable and share more about my personal agonies and victories through decades of illness. You have also asked me to be more transparent and not sugar-coat the reality of chronic illness. Here I am!!!!

Wow, 6 years of the latest health crash. There have been decades of illness and obstacles from health issues, but 6 years ago I crashed harder than ever. Certainly harder than I ever imagined a human body could crash.

I am finally on the homestretch of chronic illness. Finally “out of the woods.” Finally gained my footing so I can take a solid step forward. I am finally educated enough to know what the heck I am doing instead of blindly following the masses.

For today, the only message I am trying to convey is that we don’t have to get stuck in chronic illness.

It has literally taken me the last 2 full years just to get it together enough to even be willing to show my face. Not only could I not figure out how to use all of the modern technology and social media 2 years ago, but I was also not in physically or emotionally able to pull off a personal hello.

All of you have been so kind and listened to my health coaching suggestions without seeing me or getting to know my individual in-person personality. I get it, we need to get to know each other better.

While in bed all these years, I have not only received certifications to be a health coach but I have been able to spend hours and hours daily corresponding with some of the bravest and strongest people I have ever known, walking through their own health journeys.

Chronic illness is not for wimps!!

Putting on a Smile For You

My birthday was Sunday so I decided to get a haircut last week. It literally has been at least a year since the last time I bothered with something so trivial. Well, let me tell you… after being forced to deal with all the vanity issues of being deathly ill, a simple haircut does wonders.

Those of you who are chronically ill know that the small victories, something as simple as a haircut, feels like a major victory. Let’s enjoy the victories together while we share the pain and suffering that go along with moving through chronic illness.

I don’t care what shape your hair is in, believe me, I understand.

It also does not matter which disease or diseases you have. If you are chronically ill and don’t want to be stuck there, you are in the right place.

We are going to dig deep into WHY certain people succumb to disease and others seem untouched. When we understand the specific why for our specific bodies, we can create an environment inhospitable to disease.

I love that part, moving through chronic illness and into an amazing whole life.

There are many adventures during chronic illness. Join me while we do this as an adventure so we don’t get stuck in the state of illness.

Today’s Healthy Adventure

I have been making all kinds of healthy pumpkin cheesecake recipes this last month. The “cheese” is not part of my healthy diet at the moment so I came across an alternative that I love!!  Pumpkin Cake-Batter Delight

Wild hugs and encouragement sent your way,

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4 thoughts on “Getting Started, Story of Personal Chronic Illness Journey

  1. Awesome lady!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

    1. Scary as all get-out when I still am so obviously ill. Thanks for the encouragement.

    2. Goodness it was hard to do but hoping it will encourage others to accept how ill we can get and the path out of it instead of getting stuck in it.

  2. I think you should share your story on our closed group page!!! We all can work together!!!

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