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Full Moon Challenge

The Full Moon Challenge is a concerted effort to take advantage of the natural effect a full moon has on parasitic activity in the body.  It is a time to move out the bad critters, keep the good, and get you down the healing road more effectively.

Have you noticed that during chronic illness, there are times that you feel worse than others? I remember noticing it but until I connected it to the full moon, I did not utilize the opportunity.

Don’t want to miss out on the opportunity? Get on board…

What Is The Full Moon?

The Full Moon is the lunar phase when the Moon appears fully illuminated from Earth’s perspective.

It lights up the night and is particularly beautiful.

How Does It Affect Parasites?

During these periods, parasites are more active due to the combination of decreased melatonin levels in the body and increased production of serotonin, which parasites utilize as fuel.

Melatonin is the neurotransmitter that helps the body to fight parasites, while serotonin is a neurotransmitter that allows parasites mobility.

How To Move Them Out

The combined effectiveness of Para 2 for stirring up parasites and Para 1 for grabbing and removing them, alongside our powerful, yet tolerable BioToxin Binder provide an effective 1-2-3 combination designed to produce tangible results from your anti-parasitic activities.

Full Moon Challenge

The key is knowing when the full moon is. I use Farmer’s Almanac Calendar to keep me on track.

Locate the date of the next Full Moon, then start at the beginners level to get the hang of it.

Beginner — 3 Days

  • for individuals new to CellCore products (The Amazing Protocol)
  • start ONE day before Full Moon, including day of Full Moon, finish on day after Full Moon

Intermediate — 5 Days

  • for individuals who have used CellCore products 2-3 months
  • start TWO days before Full Moon, including day of Full Moon, finish two days after Full Moon

Advanced — 7 Days

  • for individuals who have used CellCore products 3+ months
  • start THREE days before Full Moon, include day of Full Moon, finish three days after Full Moon

Full Moon Challenge – directions

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