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Why We Should Call Natural Medicine the Original Medicine, Not Alternative Medicine

Somehow the masses have this one backward. “Alternative” medicine came along when people decided to replace natural medicine with chemical alternatives. Think about that. “Alternative” is actually the prescription and over-the-counter fake “medicines.” We can trace the original “medicines” from the beginning of mankind. Therefore, HOW in tarnation did natural medicine end up being called the “alternative???” Society has gotten this one turned upside-down.

Do you feel like a fish swimming upstream trying to use natural approaches for your healthcare in a society that has turned it all upside-down? I have been fighting for my rights to use natural approaches for myself and my children for 23 years. It has been a battle beyond belief.

Instead of going down the road of complaining about what happened to make this so dang difficult for us to make our own choices, let’s focus on how we can feel supported in our journey to embrace a natural approach.

History is very clear on the power and effectiveness of using nature for our cures

Beginning of Time

The Bible is very clear about every aspect of nature. God created everything and for human’s benefit. God created our bodies to heal. Read the Bible and you will hear it loud and clear.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has stood the test of time. It is considered by many the oldest healing science there is, originating in the Vedic culture of India.

Ayurveda itself means something in Sanskrit similar to “lifespan build on knowledge” or “science of life.” Sanskrit is a language of ancient India with a 3,500 year history. Ayurvedic focus is to use things from nature to balance our bodies so we do not have the need for prescription medications for surgeries.

Ayurveda is becoming more popular reaching far beyond India.

Directions for revitalization of Ayurveda in the 21st century

Chinese medicinal herb selection with calligraphy script. Translation reads as chinese herbal medicine as increasing the bodys ability to maintain body and spirit health and balance energy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The approaches that make up Traditional Chinese Medicine are acupuncture, tai chi, and herbal products.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: What You Need To Know

400 B.C. – Ancient Greeks

Hippocrates (400 B.C.) known as the father of medicine, was to thank for the famous quote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” — which we shortened to “food is medicine.” He advised people to prevent and treat diseases first and foremost by eating a nutrient-dense diet.

Father of Medicine

1930’s pharmacists map shared by Slate

“Herbal Cures” from 1932

When people used to go to the pharmacy, herbs were dispensed, in different forms. That was the norm. Therefore… pharmaceuticals are the “alternative” because THEY are replacing the norm. Instead of questioning a herb like cannabis to make non-psychoactive CBD oil, many use mind altering, body destroying, health insulating pharmaceuticals.

Hang on, going for a squirt of my organic all natural non-psychoactive hemp CBD oil to keep me calm while I finish this!!!!!


GreenMedInfo inspired this section this blog…

Today – Nutrigenomics

We currently have the field of Nutrigenomics (or Nutritional Genomics). It is the study of how food influences gene expressions and contributes to either health and longevity or to disease and earlier death. We are not “doomed” by our genes, far from it.

The basics of Nutrigenomics are:

  • Genes play a role in disease development and prevention (those genes can be triggered ON or OFF depending on other factors like the following)
  • A poor diet can be a serious risk factor for many diseases (our diet matters greatly)
  • Food quality plays a role in human gene expression (as in nutrient deficiencies and toxic chemicals in low-quality foods)
  • Everyone is different – what works for one person may, or may not, work for another (each person is different in how much their genes and health are impacted by their diet)
  • A healthy (but personalized diet) may be used to prevent, mitigate or cure chronic diseases

I try to look at genes like a light swich. We can turn them on or turn them off depending on our actions. We can turn on the good genes by our healthy actions. We can also turn on our “bad” genes by our destructive actions. The knowledge of this alone is groundbreaking. There is nothing “doomed” about us.

Doctor writes on a book of ancient medicine

What can we do today that is within our control…

  • We can choose to use health care practitioners who will support us and have knowledge of the different healing modalities
  • We can learn what works for our individual bodies
  • We can choose to eat nutrient dense foods that will build our health instead of destroy it
  • We can choose to seek out nutrient dense foods to the best of our ability – when we live on a “food desert” we can find other resources
  • We can choose to seek out the cleanest purest water possible, AND DRINK IT, a lot of it
  • We can choose to tune out the naysayers and focus on what we believe will turn our health around
  • We can choose to continue to get educated – at this point there is an excess of free solid information out there
  • We can choose to experiment to see what works for our individual bodies, realizing we are unique and and very specially made to be ourselves (even in how we heal)
  • We can choose to see outside of the modern box of health care insanity – that is a choice, no one but you has control over your mind when you choose to recognize that fact
  • We can choose to find like-minded people so we do not feel alone in our health adventure
Natural medicine

How and What Do I Use

I use it all!!!!! I was not given a good start in life so I have to be aware that I am behind the curve. That’s okay, I have the rich history of Original Medicine to help me. I disregard modern chaos over the subject and do what works for me. I reach deep into history for tried-and-true wisdom as I enjoy the modern conveniences of more abundant fresh healthy food. I stay current with research so I can reap the benefits of things like Nutrigenomics and not worry about being doomed, does not even exist in my thinking.

Using it all is a blast. I never get bored and my body likes the variety.

The Bible

The Bible and God, for me, has been the greatest source of “nourishment.” Spiritual growth takes nourishment. As I grew spiritually, I was able to better absorb the insights about health and diet in the Bible to help myself.

Greatest unknown fact….. Are you ready??????? Christians have brains that were meant to be used.


Food as Medicine is my second all-time favorite approach to healing.

Yet, diet alone is not enough when health has deteriorated as far as many of ours have. For me, to overcome the chaos of numerous diseases in my body, eating healthy for 20 years was nowhere near enough all on its own.

Yet, I know how important diet is and I had 20 years of experience under my belt when my body completely crashed. Those 20 years of habits and education allowed a bit more ease through the health crash.

Still, to this day, I chose wisely.

  • If my hormones are messed up, I turn to food first to create balance
  • I eat as seasonally as I can – whatever is in season is the priority to what I eat, following the cycles of the seasons that rotate naturally providing the different kinds of nourishment I need
  • If I have any digestive issues, I turn to bone broth
  • If I have a headache, I turn to fresh herbs
  • If my brain is struggling, I increase my healthy fats
  • I use nutrient dense food so that I do not eat as much and get a greater amount of nourishment per bite
  • I use fasting, intermittent fasting daily and try to get a weekly 24 hour break from food
  • etc, etc…


Ayurveda has been helpful. I learned the basics, knowing which Dosha I am, then applying basic Ayurvedic principles.

For example…

  • Certain foods support each Dosha – and certain ones work against each
  • Oil pulling is an Ayurveda practice that I have adopted and used for years for oral health
  • Kitchari was my only source of food that I could eat for an entire year because of my health issues, it nourished and healed as I ate the delicious special beans, special rice, and nutrient dense spices and herbs

Learn more…

Natural medicine. Herbs, berries and flowers in bowls.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

I have experimented with several Chinese herbs along the way. I think it was mainly tinctures and teas. I cannot point to anything specific that solely changed the direction of my poor health, but I can say without a doubt they contributed toward getting my health turned around.

Okay, if that does not make sense to you, look at it this way… Everything counts toward something, even when we cannot clearly identify it. Dabbling in different things takes us down a better path. It points us in a moving direction instead of stagnation. The natural stuff rarely hurts us in any way.

During 2-3 years, straight, I was in so much pain from Lyme that I cannot clearly recall everything that I did. I cannot even tell you if it was 3 years straight or if it was 2 years with episodes of intense pain snuck in again during the third year. What I do know is that I did incorporate some Chinese Medicine.

When you are the one who has experienced intense health crashes, you are the people who know why I cannot recall the details!!!!!!

Also, to this day I incorporate acupuncture. It is NADA which is specific to the ear and is for PTSD. I have had many episodes of trauma in my life that have not been fully dealt with. The NADA treatments take the “edge” off. They calm me. They ground me so I am not pinging off the walls from “feeling” the trauma and keeping me ill. The treatments allow me to move through my healing journey instead of getting stuck in the trauma. As my body heals on a physcial level, I am able to handle the work that has to be done about the lifelong traumatic events.

Natural medicine. Herbs in bowls, mortar and medicine bottles.

“Herbal Cures”

I use herbs. I grow herbs. I use dried herbs. I know which herbs go with what dish to make my own masterpieces of yum. I hide herbs that I don’t like in all kinds of things. I put herbs in my smoothies. And of course, the tons of herbs that I use as essential oils has been incredibly healing.


My genes are part of who I am but I can control (to a great extent but not 100%) if the genes are turned on or off by the choices I make. Not only do my diet choices matter, but my thoughts matter, and my actions matter on every level. Making good choices is the motherboard for my body’s genes.

Modern Medicine

There is one exception to modern medicine that I do wholeheartedly agree with and rely on. The modern emergency rooms for trauma are the best ever. If I were in a life-threatening crisis, you will find me at a high-tech ER…. sometimes. I have been in a life-threatening crisis and have chosen other options, more than once. I am talking about a car accident or a tsunami, something like that. Oh stars, things can be complicated!!

My Viewpoint

I allow for my viewpoint. After all, this is MY body that I am responsible for and take care of. I use what works for me. I look outside of the current box of modern medicine because I have used it in the past with grave consequences and no solutions. I choose to dig deep and explore new and old ideas that work with the body and not against it. I choose to take things slow so I can biohack my own body. I am also willing to make a lightening fast decision to save my life. I also believe in keeping an open mind because life and our bodies are complicated.

The more I have gotten to know my own body the more power I have in its health and wellbeing.

Knowledge is power. The more we learn about the multitude of possibilities out there, the more we can hone in on what works for us and the more secure we are in our viewpoints.

What Works For You?

My viewpoint only works for me. Your viewpoint is what works for you. That is the great adventure in my work, getting to know what works for you and making it happen on a practical day-to-day reality. Sometimes that will include using pharmaceuticals and modern doctors because that is in your belief system. I try to meet you where YOU are at the moment and help you grow in your own viewpoint. Sure, I am highly partial to anything natural but forcing that upon another is not responsible coaching.

Many times we do not even fully know what our viewpoint is when we are in the chaos of chronic illness.

That is why illness can be a gift instead of a curse. It stops you in your tracks. What you do with that is up to you. I chose to use my time of chaos to redirect me and put me on more solid ground. Sure, it felt like I was thrown into a high-speed blender and spit out, but at least I was spit out on a clearer path to victory.

Now, I not only have a solid viewpoint, I have put the plan into action with incredible results. Everyone has that opportunity. It is a choice to see illness as an opportunity.

You can start by thinking about the term “Alternative Medicine.” Alternative really needs to be our modern mode of medicine, not the old tried-and-true forms of health and healing.

Installation of an old pharmacy in the National Germanic Museum of Nuremberg, vintage engraved illustration.

P.S. In case you are interested, I place hidden meanings inside many of my posts. I never expect anyone to really get them but I enjoy doing it. Today, this picture has a hidden meaning. The explanation to the image is, “Installation of an old pharmacy in the National Germanic Museum of Nuremberg.” That implies, to me, that the German Museum has on display this historic pharmacy, representing the influence that chemicals had at the time through medicine. Although I do not know the history of the German museum, I do know that the Nuremberg trials attempted to set things straight for war crimes of World War II. WWII played a significant role in our modern day chemicals which include pharmaceuticals. So… to me, this hidden meaning that I snuck in represents a turning point when evil again snuck into our “medicine.” That evil is the twisted thinking that created the negative implication with “alternative medicine” trying to get the masses to go along with these new chemicals that we now can clearly see have significantly changed our health, globally. Using history to open our eyes to current “concentration camps” may save a life. Not all pictures and their credits are historically accurate. For example, I could not even find the museum. Instead, I found the Germanisches National Museum. I am assuming Nuremberg is where it is located. The point remains the same, this is the timeframe when “medicine” changed and health changed and it is continuing to get worse each year. Evil exists in every nationality. I am NOT picking on Germans, I am one-quarter German myself.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE:  In order for me to support my blogging and social media activities, I may receive monetary compensation for links to products from this post. However, I only recommend products that I personally love and use myself. If it is not good enough for me, it certainly is not good enough for you!!

HEALTH COACH DISCLAIMER:  Health/Wellness coaching is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. It is not intended to substitute for the advice, treatment and/or diagnosis of a qualified licensed professional. Trained and certified Health Coaches may not make any medical diagnoses, claims and/or substitute for your personal physician’s care. As your health/wellness coach I do not provide a second opinion or in any way attempt to alter the treatment plans or therapeutic goals/recommendations of your personal physician. It is my role to partner with you to provide ongoing support and accountability as you create an action plan to meet and maintain your health goals.

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