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Using Color to Get Rolling Through Illness

Using COLOR to get rolling

You already know what you think your favorite color is. Does your favorite change, or not? Do you find yourself feeling different in different color rooms? Or when you wear different colors? Do you gravitate to different colors, the wild colors you would never paint your living room in??? Oh, how color can be fun during chronic illness. Let’s see how we can use it to get rolling through illness…

Defining Color

Color is one of the broadest words I know. And I love it. It has as much variety as there are colors, and beyond…

Color (basic definition) — a phenomenon of light (such as red, brown, pink, or gray) or visual perception that enables one to differentiate otherwise identical objectsthe aspect of the appearance of objects and light sources that may be described in terms of hue, lightness, and saturation for objects and hue, brightness, and saturation for light sources ~ Merriam Webster

For those of us who love color, that makes sense. Light is the key to color.

Black and White

Color — a color other than and as contrasted with black, white, or gray ~ Merriam Webster

I have started a Black & White Senses series. It uses mainly black and white to heighten our senses during chronic illness, trauma, depression — helping us feel ourselves, our emotions, our life again — to help us re-engage in life when it has kicked our bums.

The first one (Using Our Black & White Senses; Dandelion Color) was such a success, I am going to elaborate on the instructions and make more PDF’s as homework assignments for your healing journey.

The corresponding blog will be in color, the PDF homework assignments will be the Black & White.

Corresponding blog. or PDF Homework Assignment

Other Ways to See “Color”

People, places, things can be very “colorful”

Color — CHARACTER, NATURE —usually used in pluralshowed himself in his true colors ~ Merriam Webster

What or who reminds you of “colorful?”

Colorful Language

Color — vividness or variety of effects of language ~ Merriam Webster

I don’t like swear words. But… when illness, trauma, depression, LIFE has rolled one over there are times to have some colorful language.

I have a dear friend who gave me the phrase, “Oh stars.” After loud use of swear words so that I would be heard, so that anyone would help me, so that I would not lay in bed rotting from disease, I replaced the swear words with “oh stars.” That was part of my healing journey, learning how to be heard!!

I invented a clean take on a swearing phrase that is quite appropriately used during illness, abuse, trauma and all through the healing process…

I don’t give a rat’s pattute’

I added a French twist and made it colorful without the swear word. Pattute’ is not a word. Bum/behind = pattute’ — get it?????

I know, I am the only one who thinks I am funny. Just roll with it. This is a CYCOLOGY (rolling with psychology) blog!!!

Color of Blush

What makes you blush? Hum, blushing is a “color.” What stirs you up, makes you want to roll???

what are your healthy colors that get you rolling?

Healthy “Color”

Color — the complexion, the tint : the tint characteristic of good health ~ Merriam Webster

Get Color, Get Rollin’, Get Healthy

All of life becomes more colorful when we are healthy. So, when we are chronically ill, use color to get rolling into a healing journey.

My house is filled with color.

  • Yellow/gold wall paint in the living room, dining room and hallway to keep me awake and charged during the day
  • Denim wall paint in the kitchen to show off my open shelves with WHITE dishes
  • Dark blue/grey in my itty-bitty bathroom to make the very small space feel cozier
  • Robin’s egg blue in my bedroom because it is the perfect calm for my healing body for restfulness
  • The guest bedroom is a work in progress – changes every couple of years because I like changing colors, so this is my room I choose to do that in

Put YOUR Color On

By noticing color, putting it on your walls, your clothing, anything… you can roll through chronic illness with more ease. You can roll into a healing journey with bright lights or calming hues. YOU get to decide and enjoy your individual COLOR.

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