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Swing High, Swing Fun

When was the last time you slowed down and sat on a swing, as an adult? Do you remember how much fun you had as a kid with the wind in your hair and getting a bird’s eye view of the playground? It is a ball. Swinging can be very relaxing and bring a smile to your face as an adult. When was the last time you saw an NFL player on a swing?

A long time ago I had a friend who was a prior Dallas Cowboy for a brief time. One of our outings was taking a long walk on a wildlife park path. On the walk, we came across a small playground with two empty swings. I went straight to them and sat down. He questioned the situation but he finally sat down. As I started to swing, so did he. At the end of it all, he mentioned that swinging was one of the most fun things he had done in a long time and how surprised he was. If NFL players can swing, so can you!

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Years after the NFL friendship, as I was going through the dark days of my illness I occasionally found myself in a local playground on a swing. There were days all I could do was sit there still and simply enjoy the fresh air and thoughts of children playing. There were also days I hung on tight and gently swung. My balance was greatly affected by illness so I had to be careful. The joy far outweighed the risk. That joy helped me breathe deeper, take in more oxygen, get blood flowing better. It helped me see past my own suffering to see the birds and the trees in the wind.

On days that I made it to the park swing, I noticed I was more peaceful. You too can remember what it was like to be a care-free kid swinging and try the experience as an adult. You most likely will find others joining you. It is a lost art to have childlike fun as an adult, I wish I had more of it. The higher you swing, the more fun you can have. Give it a try.

Two joyful senior gentlemen swinging on a swing and having fun i

What childlike fun do you have in your life to reduce your stress?

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC

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