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DIY Nasal Spray

DIY Nasal Spray

Way too easy to make a healthy nasal spray and with only 2 ingredients…

I declare… CellCore products have allowed me to have a toolbox, a first aid kit, and a Swiss army knife with me at all times!! You name it, one of their products seems to be the solution.

Do you get pressure in your face, in your sinuses, that distracts you or is even painful? Does your brain get fuzzy or feel heavy? Do you need some relief?

Not sure I even want to bring up the subject of parasites or your nose might wiggle. Yep, almost everyone has parasites and believe it or not, they are incredibly common in our sinuses.

Let’s make our own nose spray, too easy…

Get the nose spray bottles that are empty and make your own…

You can choose either or both. I use both and love the relief I get in my sinuses, jaw and brain.

Nasal Spray #1 – Oxygen

The oxygen will open things up, increase brain clarity. Get your thinker going better!!

  1. Fill bottle with distilled water
  2. Start with 1 drop BioMolecular Oxygen
  3. As you adapt to it, increase up to 5 drops
  4. Spray in nose
  5. Do not use oxygen close to bedtime, it will keep you awake

Nasal Spray #2 – Para 3

The Para 3 will help to kill the critters that are in your sinuses causing infections and headaches. For me, it even helped in my jaw.

  • Fill bottle with distilled water
  • Start with 1 drop Para 3
  • As you adapt to it, increase up to 5-10 drops
  • Spray in nose

If you are using both nasal sprays, alternate days. Day 1, use oxygen. Day 2, use Para 3. And so on.

If you are using only oxygen, don’t forget that you cannot use it anywhere close to bedtime or you won’t sleep.

If you are using only Para 3, do not use it daily forever more. Give it a rest sometimes.

Taking the oxygen and Para 3 products internally also help.

It’s portable. Stick it in your purse or pocket!!

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