Brenda H.

“She is an inspiration! Always very helpful and encouraging. She understands how hard it can be and always does her best to find ways to make things as affordable as possible, but in a way that can work. Maribeth is a sweet and caring person, I would not have known where to start without her.”

David M.

Magical would be one word to describe what Maribeth Baxter has done with me. I still have a ways to go but I’m definitely on the right road and she keeps giving me more information to make my health even better. To know her is to love her.”

Alicia B.

“I needed someone to help me.  I was suffering from nearly 20 years of having MS.  Maribeth Baxter has been a gentle guide to help me with both my physical needs as well as grasping positivity for my emotional needs.  Even my family has witnessed and embraced the changes she has facilitated.”