Vibrant Wellness Labs – 3 LABS: Tick Borne 2.0, TotalTox & Other



3 LABS = Tick Borne 2.0 & TotalTox & Other = $2317.06 – includes all of the green checked markers (refer to your email for details – request email again if you need it)… (pre-paid to Amazing Wholeness before the lab order & kit is sent to you & lab draw arrangements are made)

  • CAUTION = Once this is paid for and ordered by Maribeth, through Vibrant, this is not a refundable purchase

  • Tick Borne 2.0 = refer to your email with details about what it includes (request the email again if you need it)
  • Vibrant America Lab Tour –
  • This includes up to 1-hour session with your health coach, Maribeth Baxter, to discuss the lab document and findings. It also includes the practitioner consultation with Vibrant to gain more insight of any remaining questions that we have.
  • AFTER your LAB DRAW (and any urine or saliva are mailed) then you can schedule your 1-hour session with Maribeth.
    • schedule here –
    • This link is ONLY for clients who have paid for a Vibrant Lab test through Maribeth Baxter at Amazing Wholeness LLC.
    • Schedule your session with me anytime AFTER 3 weeks AFTER your lab draw date.
    • If you schedule too early, Maribeth will cancel the session, and you will have to schedule it again. There is a tremendous amount of preparation; therefore, you must wait a minimum of three weeks for your session with Maribeth about the lab results from Vibrant Labs.


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