Practitioner Consult 1-Hour

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One-On-One Practitioner Consulting with Maribeth Baxter, MBNC via phone/video-call/in-person.

Bring your practitioner questions to the call. I specialize in Lyme, co-infections, parasites, mold toxicity, mental health, spiritual growth. I also know the CellCore products and protocol inside out! You name it, it supports the body to change the terrain so toxins, pathogens, chemicals, parasites, etc. can no longer thrive. During a 1 hour call, we can not only cover your clients, your knowledge base of CellCore but also you business strategy using the protocols that work!! You get to determine what we cover in this hour-long consultation. Pick what benefits you the most. 

Only need a quick answer – purchase a 15-minute Practitioner Consult

Need a little longer but not a full hour – purchase a 30-minute Practioner Consult

Need the full hour to cover some serious ground – purchase a 1-hour Practitioner Consult


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