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HM-ET Binder: Support for heavy metals and environmental toxins contains a special form of carbon that contains extracts of fulvic acid and extracts of humic acid. This BioActive Carbon can be taken with or without food and other supplements without incident.

With the myriad of naturally occurring and man-made environmental toxins (i.e. lead, mercury, radon, formaldehyde, benzene, glyphosate, BPA, phthalates, and cadmium to name a few), everyone is at risk of exposure, and finding the right tools to combat these harmful substances is an important part of any effective treatment. Because of the kidneys’ ability to reabsorb and accumulate toxic heavy metals, they are uniquely vulnerable to these elements. Removing heavy metals from the kidneys helps stave off potential nephropathy.

Using extracts of fulvic acid, HM-ET binder provides immune system support and can promote wellness in the gut. The BioActive Carbon molecules in HM-ET binder has been shown to improve intestinal health by supporting healthy bacteria in the gut.                                                                                                                                              

Typical dosage for HM-ET Binder is one capsule, twice a day.

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