Princess Di… Pay Monthly 20-minute sessions

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This is for PRE-APPROVED clients. You will know what this is for because you have received this link from Di… or Maribeth.

This BETA Program requires this monthly fee, every month. You are allowed up to 4 (four)  20-minute sessions and 4 chat messages during a 1 month period. Any unused sessions are not transferrable. It is a use-them-or-lose-them scenario for your benefit – it gets you to show up!!

CAUTION – This fee must be paid EVERY month while you are in this program, whether you are using the sessions or not. 

Maribeth will contact you when she sees the purchase come through. Please provide your contact information when you make this purchase. Maribeth will send you a link to schedule sessions and give you a way to send chat messages.


  1. Cancelation of sessions
    1. If you need to cancel a scheduled session, you must do so with a minimum of 24-hour notice. Use the Calendly link to cancel or email Maribeth at If Maribeth has availability in your purchase month, then it may be rescheduled, but it is not guaranteed a reschedule. Canceled sessions are not transferable past the purchase month.
    2. If Maribeth needs to cancel your session, she will provide a 48-hour notice. If that timeframe is not met, you will receive an opportunity to reschedule the session, even outside of your purchase month.
  2. No-show of sessions
    1. If you do not show up to the session that you scheduled, you lose that session
    2. If Maribeth does not show up to your session, you receive an opportunity to reschedule the session, even outside of your purchase month.
  3. Communicate with Maribeth to reduce conflict and confusion –

This is a non-refundable purchase.


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