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Carbon. Hydrogen. Oxygen. These are three elemental building blocks of life.

More than 99% of the human body is comprised of six elements: hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, and oxygen. Oxygen is the most abundant element by mass in the body–as it makes up roughly 65% of the body’s mass.

It is an element necessary to life. Oxygen can do so much for the body and overall wellness. It may shorten healing and recovery times for organs and tissues. It assists the body in overcoming biotoxins, and provides vital support to body function–in particular brain function.

The main obstacle with other oxygen products has been getting the oxygen to the right places within the body without losing potency to dissipation.

CellCore Biosciences proprietary stabilization processes help to create a better delivery vehicle for oxygen, helping to make it more bioavailable.


BioMolecular Oxygen can be taken internally. Just add 5-10 drops to your favorite juice or a glass of water. Have a muscle or joint ache? Apply a few drops topically and rub it in. You may nebulized this product as well.

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