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Polio History Helps Us Decide Today

The controversy over vaccines is so big and so complicated at this point in time that sometimes we just simply need to step back into history and see how we got started into this mess. The attacks, both directions, can be hyper-focused without a historical context. Polio history helps us see a clearer picture of how something so simple got so complicated. We can make this simple again to make better decisions today.

Regardless of which side you find yourself on, the fact remains that there are infectious diseases in our modern society. Cleaning up toxins in our bodies creates an environment to help us ward off infectious diseases with an immune system up and running. The Amazing Protocol can be a tool whichever side of this vaccine controversy you are on.

Basic Facts

Let’s use polio history as an example of how something so simple got so complicated.

Take a step backwards in time and look at the big picture of basic facts.

The human body was created to have an immune system which would fight off pathogens; viruses, disease, etc. This is a basic concept, basic fact.

It is also a basic fact that infectious disease kills people, who do not have a healthy immune system which can fight off such disease.

Next fact, people with good intentions have tried to spare the lives of those without a natural ability to overcome infectious disease.

And also a fact, money drives a lot of motivation and political acts.

Those facts are just the way it is.

  • Not everyone is bad intentioned and not everyone is well-intentioned
  • Not everyone has a fully working immune system to fight off deadly infectious disease

Polio is a fact. Some people cannot naturally fight it off and SOME people can and may die from it. But how did it become a problem bigger than what it truly was?

Polio itself has not done as much damage as the original vaccine. That is a very narrow statement so I suggest you dig deeper for more facts.

“Investigations revealed that the Vaccine (Polio) had caused 40,000 cases of POLIO, leaving 200 children with varying degrees of paralysis and killing 10.”

~ PMCID: PMC1383764
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Video mentioned by Dr. John Bergman – Exposing The Truth About Vaccines

Histororical Facts

“In 1935, two competing polio vaccines… proved successful in tests on monkeys. Yet twelve children inoculated in test trials developed paralysis and six died. Testing was judged to have been initiated too hastily, and vaccine trials on humans were halted.”

~ Dr. Jonas Salk National Press Club 1965

History goes on to tell us that despite failure, politically, the presidency and nation continued down this path.

Historical fact: Aril 26, 1954 a massive, nationwide field trial of the polio vaccine, involving a total of 1,831,702 children in grades one through three. 441,131 children received the Salk vaccine, 201,229 were injected with a placebo, and the remainder served as uninjected controls. 

Dr. Salk reported that the majority of humans have a natural ability to NOT be harmed by the polio virus.

“The vast majority of those who acquire the infection are not harmed by the virus and become naturally immunized as they react to it.”

~ Dr. Jonas Salk National Press Club 1965

It was Dr. Salk, inventor of the Salk polio vaccine, who later declared the following…

“In 1977, Dr. Jonas Salk (inventor of the Salk polio vaccine) testified along with other scientists that most (87%) of the polio cases which have occurred in the U.S. since the early 1970’s probably were the by-product of the polio vaccine itself.”


Read the history, chronologically, about the 1954 polio field trials which are among the largest and most publicized clinical trials ever undertaken. Across the United States 623, 972 schoolchildren were injected with vaccine or placebo, and the problematic vaccine ~ “A calculated risk”: the Salk polio vaccine field trials of 1954

If you will take the time to carefully read the article, you will hear the educated objections to the vaccine as America continued down this path.

A wild, but possibly true concept, it just might be possible that vaccines themselves distribute infectious disease amongst our population, creating some of the problems themselves????? This concept is explained by Dr. John Bergman – Exposing The Truth About Vaccines

I am asking you to use your own brains and come up with your own opinions. It matters because the quality of life matters. All lives matter, whether we are the ones with a weak or a strong immune system to fight off deadly infectious disease. We all live on this planet together.

Science Cookies

History Cookies

Keep Learning About Vaccine Ingredients

An investigation into how the CDC, the government agency charged with protecting the health of American citizens, destroyed data on a 2004 study that showed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. This alarming deception has contributed to the skyrocketing increase of autism, potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.

~ Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe

There are many advocates fighting the battle and doing a good job, who know their facts inside-out about the ingredients in vaccines and the consequences to mankind. There are some obvious problems with our current system.

I recommend that no one blindly follows the crowd, either direction. You are smart enough to listen to both sides, look up the facts and make an informed decision.

We don’t have to be ugly toward others to make an informed decision for ourselves, our families or even our political choices.

The ugliness towards others can be as infectious as disease when we allow it.

Don’t be ugly about it, just learn the facts and get a big enough perspective to be at peace with your decision.

No matter what you decide for the future, if your body has received vaccines, you may want to consider a full healing detox – The Amazing Protocol

Regardless of which side you find yourself on, the fact remains that there are infectious diseases in our modern society. Cleaning up toxins in our bodies creates an environment to ward off infectious diseases with an immune system up and running.

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