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I have carefully sifted through a lot of FREE Internet opportunities to get educated on current science/evidence-based health strategies. My goal is to help others broaden their minds in taking more responsibility for their own health.

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August 13-19, 2018

The Addiction Summit

We are in the midst of an addiction crisis of epic and tragic proportions — not just drugs, but foods, tobacco, technology and behaviors — our high-stress, unhealthy choices and lack of responsibility and belonging are putting us at terrible risk. And, while the face of addiction is changing, our approach has not changed. Our systems still prescribe to the notion that either you have an addiction, or you don’t. In reality, addiction exists on a spectrum, like most other diseases; it’s not just an on or off switch. Don’t miss The Addiction Summit from August 13-19, 2018, free and online!

Addiction Summit


Mama Z Organic Garden Class (Aug)

  • Description: Think of this as an Organic Gardening 101 class for the urban homesteader. Mama Z’s 3-hour class (recorded live with students) where she walks people through how to plant a raised bed garden, how to design a deck garden, grow herbs, aromatic flowers, and tips on beautifying your landscape.

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