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I have carefully sifted through a lot of FREE Internet opportunities to get educated on current science/evidence-based health strategies. My goal is to help others broaden their minds in taking more responsibility for their own health.

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Ongoing Essential Oil Masterclass Offer

You know how much I love essential oils, right? Then you know I’m super excited to announce that my friend, DrEricZ, is hosting a FREE 10-Part Video Masterclass on how to use #Essential Oils the right way!

Feb 18-24 Immune Defense Summit

WARNING: Drug-resistant bacteria are projected to kill MORE people than cancer by 2050! Gain the best strategies to rejuvenate your immune system and neutralize the threat of superbugs, pandemics, viruses and other chronic infections. Don\’t miss The Immune Defense Summit from February 18-24, 2019, free and online!

Immune Defense Summit

Perimenopausal Summit

You don’t have to settle for dull moods, foggy brains, flabby bellies, night sweats, insomnia, fatigue, low libido, weight gain and bone loss so “common” and “accepted” with getting older. There are natural, effective and easy-to-implement solutions to balance your hormones (and help your body care for itself) at any age! Don’t miss The Perimenopause Summit from March 18-24, 2019, free and online!

Perimenopause Summit

Lyme Disease Summit 2019

The Best of Chronic Lyme Disease Summit – March 11th this will be available to sign up

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You can do any of these from home or work on your computer at your own convenience. I will list quality summits that will be running for FREE on certain dates. Click on the links above and get more information on each of them. The link takes you directly to the sign-up page that requires only an email address to send you the daily links to access the FREE summits. You can “unsubscribe” at any time to control your inbox.

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