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Child Abuse or Common Sense

Have you ever been unjustly accused of child abuse and forced, by law, to ABUSE your children?? I have. Common sense told me not to pump unknown substances into my children, especially if I had to sign a waiver saying it might KILL them. Where is the common sense in that??? Court ordered to vaccinate my children was beyond my comprehension but it happened. As one of those parents faced with that legal reality, I could not be happier that others are finally speaking up, fighting back and making a difference in this situation.

It still angers me to this day what happened to my children. It angers me that children are still being put in this situation.

One of the many court-ordered actions was the vaccinations of my young children. I was legally bound to…

1) get all of their vaccinations up-to-date and

2) take them to a western/conventional court-ordered medical doctor, admistring any prescription drugs they recommended and

3) to feed them school lunches (you know, the ones with BLUE food coloring in their drinks and the least nourishing food)

To this day I am still floored at what the courts forced me to do to my children.

The choice became easier when faced with losing my children because the court would declare me an unfit parent if I did not comply with the court order.

Drink the blue cool-aid or lose my children.

And this is America? The land of the free?? It was insanity.

Today, things are becoming clearer. Vaccines have substances in them that are hurting our children.

In 1988 even the American government had to accept that vaccines were hurting our children. We now have the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for claims against injury from vaccinations.

They are required to produce a monthly report to show claims and costs. This mornign someone made the claim that $72.6 MILLION has been paid for vaccine injury in only TWO months of 2019. The claim sounded so astonishing that I went looking for proof (knowing in my gut that it had to be true, based on what was done to my children).

This is so far beyond belief that I kept digging until I saw proof myself. Here it is, black and white, from the government themselves.

It clearly shows, that in TWO short months, in 2019 total outlays for Vaccine Injury Compensation was $73 MILLION dollars.

I am writing this on February 20, 2019. So… the 2019 February monthly report is showing that in these TWO months the total outlay is $73 MILLION.

This is beyond my comprehension. Except for the fact that I was one of the parents forced, by law, to vaccinate my children, I would not believe that a society could possibly force this kind of injury on children.

Look at this chart again.

2017 the total outlay for Vaccine Injury Compensation was $226 MILLION.

2018 the total outlay for Vaccine Injury Compensation was $282 MILLION.

You can see for yourself what has happened since this Vaccine Injury Compensation Program begun…

When I was faced with the court dilemma, they refused to face these facts. Even though our own government acknowledged and had a program for compensation for vaccine injury, the courts refused to let me parent my children in the way I knew best, BASED ON THEIR FACTS.

This is still happening to parents and to the children who have no voice in the matter.

I choose not to camp out in my anger for what happened to my children, but every once in a while I will find such obvious in-your-face proof that this situation is still out-of-control that I speak up.

Where do we think that chronic illness comes from??? Wake up people. Some of the illnesses that we have, that our population is getting at a younger and younger age are because of things that we do, like vaccinations.

Science-based research:

Child mortality following standard, medium or high titre measles immunization

Risk of immune thrombocytopenic purpura after measles-mumps-rubella immunization in children

Vaccines and autoimmune diseases of the adult

Think before choosing to walk with the crowd into destruction.

Look at the facts. Do your research. These are our children. Helpless children who require adults with a backbone to do what is right for them.

Now that we, as a nation, have more educated outrage over the situation, you most likely will have a better outcome than my children did. I encourage you to get educated and use your common sense and stand up for your children’s health.

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