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An Honest Start

Oh, my stars is my first thought.

When I am at my wit’s end, I reach to the stars for hope and inspiration. I am going to be honest and tell you how hard it is to do something new and hit brick walls. The bruises are getting bigger than my brains. What I want to do is present myself to the world as having it together and able to figure anything out. That is not quite how this new start is going.

In my attempt to start something new, I am hitting every roadblock possible, making it seem impossible.  Thank goodness impossible is not usually in my vocabulary because, to me….

Impossible seems like an excuse not to do something.

I am way too stubborn for that concept. Yes, you just heard a moment of my prideful thinking. I am still thinking if I just keep banging my head on this brick wall long and hard enough that surely I will overcome the problems. How is that working for me? Ok, I might be finally seeing the point.

So here I am sincerely expressing my frustration and my hope at the same time. This is a computer and the Internet, how hard can this be?  It is a shiny silver box that has pictures and words in it. How complicated can this be? We are humans, with a brain and certainly more capable than a silver box called a computer. How hard can this be, well, let me tell you the ways…….

No, I won’t bore you with the problems, everyone has already run into their own learning curves. Humility comes to mind right about now. I have been battling this for weeks and technology is winning, for the moment.

Time for a new strategy. Lots of deep breathing, I mean REALLY deep. I mean those breaths that reach every cell in my body to relax me. Yes, I am literally doing it right now, taking breaks, sitting up straight, and taking in good clean air, deep down.

Now that breathing has relaxed me, time to do something, anything that leads me to progress. Just starting with one single post, having no idea where in cyberspace it will land. Exactly where is cyberspace located? I tried google maps and could not find it!! Are you seeing my problem? If any human has actually read this, please encourage me with a kind word.

Now I am going to back away, take more of those really deep breaths, take the day off, rest my weary brain and emotions and see what happens tomorrow. Hope I hear from you, whoever you are out there, located wherever cyberspace is.

Many blessings and abundance,

Maribeth Baxter, MBNC (Certified Mind-Body Nourishment Coach)

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