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Can you smell this from where you are? Smell is one of our senses which can transport us back in time with memories, both good and bad. Scent, on the other hand, is a distinct smell, especially one that is pleasant. I like the pleasant things in life so that is where I am going with my roses. Lately, I have used fresh-cut roses to bring my sniffer back to life. In an attempt to more fully embody I am working on my senses to see where it takes me. Roses seemed to be a logical place to go on this adventure.

As I have mentioned before, I do not necessarily have a green thumb but I do have a green heart full of desire to learn. I planted one rose bush during the first year of my health crash. I just stuck it in the ground not having a clue what I was doing and no energy to figure it out. It grew to my shock. Nothing fabulous but that summer I was able to cut about 10 roses and bring them inside. Became so tickled with it that I attempted to learn more so I could keep it alive. Pruning in the fall seemed to be the next step. On my good days, I would go out to the garden and piddle and keep an eye on the rose bush. It stayed alive, just like me, just barely holding on but hanging in there.

Bush might not quite be the correct description of my rose stump. I am rejoicing in baby steps so the fact that it was producing roses was plenty for me. Having the occasional summer rose in the house was sheer delight. The next spring I planted another rose bush, and then another, year after year. Only a couple of them produce anything but I am grateful for what I get and each year I learn a little more on how to care for them, as I do caring for myself.

Today I sit here with two fresh picked roses about 12 inches from my nose. They do not smell like store-bought roses at all. They smell like sweetness from the earth. I have no clue what a bee should smell like but they have a tinge of a bee smell. If you have been around a lot of bees in flowers maybe you can remember the smell. I am wondering if my mind is overruling my nose. Is the smell evoking the thoughts of what I am smelling? I do not know which comes first, the chicken or the egg but I do know that I am enjoying the scent of fresh-cut roses every summer. They are helping me come back to life, helping me have a sense of things outside of me that can touch something inside of me. Some kind of connection with my body other than illness and pain, what a sweet sweet scent.

How are you smelling the sweetness of life?

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC

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