Abundance is a powerful thing to notice. Sometimes it is hard to see but when we look hard enough it is there. This morning I felt covered in abundance as the rising sun was shining through my bedroom window and I could hear the birds chirping. What a way to wake up every morning. No matter where our bodies are located on this planet, once a day, every day, the sun rises. I am fortunate to live in a rural town with lots of trees that the birds love so they fill my ears with their songs every morning.  I have enjoyed early mornings in this atmosphere. It reminds me that regardless of what is going on in life, there is an abundance to be seen and heard if I just dare to notice.

As I start my day I journey outside to a garden that is only a work in progress yet I find abundance. The bees do not notice my lack of a green thumb. They still find their way to the flowers that accidentally grow. In the morning I find different things to eat for the day. As I rummage through the mess I have to work alongside the bees. Knowing as long as I do not mess with them, they do not mess with me, their buzzing sounds relax me. Those bees are nonjudgmental of my gardening skills and they are forgiving of me sharing their space while I collect the harvest of the day. That is true abundance.

Abundance can be found all around us. Nature is generous with abundance for us to notice. Humans are a bit more complex but they too have a great abundance that fills the soul deeply. Yesterday I received an unexpected act of kindness that reminded me of the abundance of my life. It cost that person a few minutes of time but the value to me was priceless.

This whole Internet/cyberspace learning curve I have been on has even shown me abundance. There were 73 visits on my first post and I had no clue that my feeble attempts could even reach 73 people. I am not one for numbers so that part did not impress me at all. It was the fact that we are all provided abundantly even when we do not deserve it. Through no skill of my own, my Internet attempts are showing signs of life.

There are plenty of negative and scary things going on in the world without me having to harp on them. Positive thinking does not completely remove us from the realities of this world. Yet noticing the abundance in one’s life can offer a peaceful moment which makes our world a little better.

What is your abundance today?

Maribeth Baxter, MBEC

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